The Lynch’s Hub vision is for a social enterprise that will improve the amenity of the Newcastle harbour-side and make a strong contribution to place-making efforts as the foreshore parklands are redeveloped, re-vitalised and reconnected with the city of Newcastle. 

We are creating a shared space where a number of local businesses will collaborate to offer a community cycle workshop providing free advice, terminal infrastructure and access to tools for local transport and touring cyclists. 

A cycling themed espresso bar will be the key commercial operation at the site which will facilitate the maintenance of a strong community focus in our broader offering.

We will also host a tour desk, to be co-operatively managed and operated by a number of small local tour operators. This will give such small operators a valuable physical presence at a strategic site. One key aim is to encourage collaborative offerings able to handle larger groups and improving Newcastle’s offering as a business event and conference destination. 

At the same time, we will develop a sorely needed family amusement hire option on the Newcastle foreshore. Tandem cycles, funky frames and electric assist bikes will be available for hire giving people another reason to explore the regional attraction the foreshore parklands will become.

Lynch’s Hub will contribute in an amazing way to a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere in our city center while breathing new life into an iconic building on our foreshore with a special history for our community.


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Lynch's Hub would have been impossible without the support of other local businesses, who have been amazingly supportive along the way to realising the Lynch's vision.


Peter Hanrahan
Nova Cruises

Peter Hanrahan was born in Dubbo and relocated to the Hunter in 2002 after a few years travelling the globe. Working locally he formed Nova Cruises, he has been running cruises out of Honeysuckle showcasing the Harbour, Hunter River, Morpeth our seasonal visitors the Whales and all Newcastle has to offer for the past 10 years. In that time Peter has seen the Honeysuckle area change dramatically and has worked with local & international operators helping to increase tourism numbers in Newcastle and encourage locals back to the city bringing Honeysuckle to life. Peter and the team from Nova cruises will work closely at Lynch’s with Blake and Kerry from Rickshaw Revolution and Renata from NHCGT to develop the market for local tours and experiences. Website | Facebook


Ross and Chelsea Ciavarello 
Sprocket Roasters

Forged in the industrial heart of Newcastle, Sprocket Roasters’ award winning coffee is brought to you by a rogue collective – engineers, farmers, lawyers, teachers, winemakers and yoga instructors – who have quit their day jobs to pursue a consuming passion for all things coffee. The outcome is a mixture of creativity and science, a unique patented fluid bed roaster which operates on biofuels and café waste…or more simply, the best beans roasted in the most sustainable way.  Ross and Chelsea hve been hugely supportive of the Lynch’s initiative from the outset and we seriously cannot thank them enough.  Their carbon conscious roasting principles align closely with our environmentally responsible principles at Lynch’s as they apply to transport cycling and cycle logistics. Website | Facebook

Kerrie and Blake
Rickshaw Revolution

Rickshaw Revolution have provided a pedicab taxi service and riding tours in Newcastle since 2011.  Around Harbour Square where they operate in the early part of the evening, they are an attraction to families and tourists. However a suite of broader benefits to the city have become associated with the pedicabs since their introduction.  The presence of these cycles in the night-time economy complements local and state cycling strategies by drawing attention to the possibility of cycling to the city rather than driving.  The example set by the rickshaws has been noted as a factor in a gradual rise in numbers of people coming to restaurants and bars on their bikes, taking Newcastle’s nightlife further in the direction of European models where active transport is a keystone of the evening economy.  Further, this leads to passive surveillance of quieter non-residential streets between venues and precincts making the city safer through activation.  For all of these reasons Rickshaw Revolution has become an important and much loved part of the Novocastrian nightlife, but most of all, just because they are fun. Rickshaw Revolution will base part of their operations from Lynch’s and will also provide some assets to the amusement cycle hire operations to be conducted from the site. Website | Facebook

Catavolt Pty Ltd

Catavolt is an electric vehicles company based at Warners Bay. Jon Eggenhuizen heads up this innovative team that help with anything from an ebike kit installation to full electric rebuild of your family car.  A one-time world electric vehicle land speed record holder and current Australian electric land speed record holder, Jon has a breadth of knowledge and experience that make him exceedingly well respected within the local electric vehicles community.  These are very much the local experts for anything related to electric vehicles technology and they have long been our go-to guys whenever we are working on a new bespoke build for our cargo bikes or experiencing any problems with Rickshaw Revolution working assets.  Jon will bring an enormous depth of knowledge and experience to the Lynch’s workshop as we seek to provide Newcastle’s urban cyclists with a much needed place to get advice and repair support when it comes to ebikes and ekits. Website | Facebook


Renata Daniel
Newcastle Heritage Ghost Tours

Newcastle Heritage and Ghost tours is a micro niche business that specialises in history/heritage and paranormal activity catering to those fascinating in learning or taking part in these unique types of experiences. Renata Daniel is Newcastle Ghost Tours business owner and lead tour guide.  Renata has worked in private business as a psychic for over 17 years and has been conducting classes in basic psychic development for the past 5 years. She has been involved in developing and operating paranormal tours since 2008, including a second place at the 2016 North Coast and Legendary Pacific Coast Tourism Awards. Renata’s involvement at Lynch’s is in working closely with us to develop the local market for small group tours as Newcastle works to find its feet as a destination. Website | Facebook