Thank you for considering Lynch's Hub Speed-e-Wheels electric trike and bike hire.

Follow these simple road rules to have a great day cycling around a fantastic area. 

Terms and conditions

The bond for various assets are listed below. If the asset is returned damaged, the cost of repairs will be deducted from the deposit. If the cost of repairs exceeds the deposit amount, you remain responsible for any repair costs in excess of the deposit amount, up to and including, full replacement value of the asset, in the case of complete loss, or write-off.

Cruisers – $300 | Tandem Bikes – $600 | Rickshaws – $900 | Pedal Cars – $900 | Bike with Wehoo trailer – $600

Wherever used herein, the term “equipment” shall include any equipment hired from the Lynch's Hub Speed-e-Wheels, including helmets. The hirer understands and agrees that the equipment described in this contract remains the property of Centaur Speed-e-Wheels and that the failure by the hirer to return said equipment to the location from which they were hired within the time provided in this contact may constitute a crime and subject the hirer to criminal prosecution. 

  • I agree not to ride in any lake, river or sea water or on the beach 
  • I agree not to change or substitute any part of the equipment
  • I agree to return the equipment in a clean and serviceable condition 
  • I agree to ride only on sealed roads and cycle ways 
  • I agree to obey the local laws as found in the Road Traffic Act 1974, Road Traffic Code 2000 and Road Traffic (Bicycles) Regulations 2000 as outlined below:
  1. Wear at all times an approved helmet. Passengers are also to wear helmets.
  2. Not travel too close to the rear of a moving vehicle.
  3. Not hold onto another moving vehicle or be towed by it.
  4. Not ride a bicycle on a freeway.
  5. Not be more than two bicycles abreast on a road. When riding abreast, the two bicycles must be no more than 1.5 meters apart.
  6. Use the correct hand signals to turn left or right, and to stop.
  7. Not ride in a pedestrian mall.
  8. Not ride on the footpath.

The Bond
The hirer understands and agrees to pay Lynch's Hub Speed-e-Wheels $300 for Cruisers hired, $600 for Tandem Bikes hired, $900 for Rickshaws hired, $900 for Pedal Cars hired, $600 for Bike with Wehoo trailer hired. The hirer understands that, in the event that any loss of or damage occurs to a bike, the payment will be used to charge for the full cost of the repair or replacement.

Responsibility for damage or loss
The hirer understands and agrees that on return the equipment is to be in the same good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and to fully reimburse Centaur Speed-e-Wheels for the repair, replacement of lost or stolen, damaged or broken equipment. Therefore regardless of the party at fault and to the extent permitted by the law the hirer understands and agrees to be responsible for the lost or damaged equipment.

The hirer understands and agrees that any subleasing or re-letting of hire equipment is prohibited and that any such sublease or re-letting shall immediately cause termination and cancellation of this contract.

Hirer liability
The hirer understands and agrees to assume liability for any and all damage or loss to personal property, accident/injury to other persons related to the hirers use or possession of the said equipment. 

Termination of agreement
The hirer understands and agrees that the Centaur Speed-e-Wheels has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and retake possession of said equipment and for said purpose the City of Fremantle may enter upon the premises of the hirer without becoming liable for trespass.

Recovery of costs
The hirer understands and agrees that if any action is brought to enforce any of the terms and conditions of this agreement or to recover any sums due to hereunder, the hirer will pay all attorney fees, court costs, or other expenses incurred by the Centaur Speed-e-Wheels.

Late return fee
The hirer understands and agrees that $50 will be charged for each hour, or part thereof that the equipment is not returned after the return time specified, on this contract. All equipment must be returned directly to the place of hire before the end of hire time specified in this contract.